View Full Version : Forum Upgrade Completed..

15th March 2014, 01:47
The forum software was upgraded slightly. The previous version was three years old and dated from December 2010, and we were several security releases behind.

This has now been updated to the latest version ..

1. Better Security.. Older version was three years out of date.
2. new features. I am still trying to look around and figure out what they are. Even as i type this i discover there is something called Auto Save..
3. and the software seems to allow rich text WYSIWYG editing.. like this and like this. you will get it when you type things...
4. There is an activity feed page - http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/activity.php this can be accessed by clicking "Whats New" on the top menu bar.
5. The best benefit seems to be that the forum search function is working again.. well.. most of the time..
6. Support for "Tables"

Row 1
Data 1

Row 2
Data 2

Row 3
Data 3


There seem to be some odd 'Warnings' popping up in the search page. it seems to be a known issue. Please ignore it for now.

Please do play around..

Oh I have the previous forum still active and hidden. should there be too many problems with this in the next two to three days - we can revert back to the older version asap..

Steve Brew
15th March 2014, 04:56
Hi Jagan

I think you're doing a great job with the Forum. Thank you.

Keep up the good work!


Bill Walker
17th March 2014, 18:26
Not sure if this is related, or if the problem is at your end or my end, but the list of most recent posts on the front page has not changed in several days.

18th March 2014, 10:32
Bill yes, that new posts section on front page was using an old database scheme. is not updating anymore.. will have to troubleshoot it sometime.

Till then, i find this link to be a great replacement