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Bill Walker
7th April 2014, 21:24
I'm hoping Jagan will allow this post. Please move it if it fits better somewhere else.

I have an opportunity to visit the UK in the fall of 2015 or later, on a vacation. I'm hoping the collection of UK aviation enthusiasts here can answer some basic questions about attending a Shuttleworth flying display as part of this trip. I've been to the Shuttleworth web site, but still have some questions:

1. Is there a preferred flying display in their calendar? I 'm hoping to see the really old stuff flying.

2. Is it feasible to do a day trip from a hotel in London (which could be part of the vacation anyways), or should I be looking for accommodation closer to Shuttleworth?

3. Any other comments or suggestions?

I will be with my Significant Other, so I'm looking for a high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) in any answers. Email address in my personal profile, and on my web site (at the bottom of the page). Thanks in advance.

10th April 2014, 21:06
Bill Shuttleworth is not to far north of London however I do not know how easy it is to get there on public transport as whenever I have been it is by car

If I you were hiring a car or staying in area you could probably fit in Duxford as well as it on the same general area

Hendon really easy to visit via underground as satation close by


Bill Walker
10th April 2014, 22:27
Thanks Paul. We may have a rental car. So London to Shuttleworth and back the same day is feasible?

11th April 2014, 18:03
Yes easy I would say 2 hours max distance probably less than that this is not 15 hours just to get to the next province !

28th April 2014, 19:17
Hi Bill
There are normally 3 good air shows at Old Warden in August, September time. The uncovered is probably the nicest as everything seems to be out and it lends itself to picnicking on the flight line. The really old aircraft are really weather dependant and normally will fly up to dusk when hopefully the wind has dropped. You may think about localish lodging to take advantage of Duxford and you are only an hour or so from Bomber county (Lincolnshire) with the Battle of Britain memorial flight and East Kirkby home of our other Lanc. Woodhall Spa with the 617 memorial and officers mess bar at the petwood Hotel. For the travelling companion Lincoln Cathederal is always worth a visit, unfortunately the proposed new memorial site will probably still be work in progress.
Hope this gives you something too work on, remind me closer to your travel date and I can probably update you.

Bill Walker
29th April 2014, 01:16
Thanks Alan. September might work out for us. Don't want to be there at the height of the English summer, after all.