View Full Version : When RAFCommands is down.. the Backup plan..

2nd March 2015, 00:35
I hope I am not the only one who has withdrawal symptoms when the RAFCommands Site 'goes down' due to issues with the host provider.

To help with such situation, I have created a 'backup' site for RAF Commands which can be accessed by replacing the "www" in rafcommands site address with "backup" or "www2".

Thus if you were looking at an original site address like:


and the main site appears down, you can access the same url by replacing the www with backup or www2.. eg

Same works for any forum thread or any of the older DC Board thread that I have archived separately. I am in the process of backing up the galleries and the older pages as well..

Now the restriction - the backup site is a 'read only' site. and it will also be 'out of date' . my plan is to backup the main site regularly at monthly intervals (or two).

Just to clear things up, the main site is hosted in UK (With the original provider that Ross was using) and the backup site is hosted in the US (with another host). The chances of both hosts being down at the same time will be remote and I hope this helps us deal with the withdrawal symptoms once in a while :)

5th March 2015, 09:21
Many thanks Jagan, sounds good to me.


Bill Walker
5th March 2015, 13:37
Thank you Jagan, that will help when I get withdrawal symptoms.

bruce dennis
5th April 2015, 11:11
Jagan, thanks, but I wonder if others found the same problem I did when trying to follow your links: a message that the site could not be found. Is this because the links are for a version of the backed up site that you have since updated, making the link invalid?


11th April 2015, 18:01
Bruce, I had to disable them for a short while to get around the cookie issue with the forum. I will probably get the cookie issue done with this weekend and then try enabling the sub domains back up again..

Edit: Now backup.rafcommands.com/forum is enabled.. I also updated all the posts till today.