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19th August 2020, 12:49
Should the RAF dead on the Maidenhead Register and the ATC cadets be included ?

19th August 2020, 14:41
There have been other 'evil' suggestions as well :-) .

Fleet Air Arm casualties
The Polish Memorial register,
The Hellenic Air Force casualties
RAF Deaths 1919-1939

And I suspect any other foreign country subjects that flew in UK aircraft with a UK serial but are not show in CWGC ... ...

19th August 2020, 19:33
Iíd agree wholeheartedly that what you described are outside the ď RAF WW2 qualifying period ď the chaps on the Maidenhead register and ATC cadets ? Iím not so sure

20th August 2020, 04:42

I think a Polish and Czech airmen memorial would be excellent and I would be happy to help out!


21st August 2020, 01:42

boy, have i got a project for you :).. if you email me at jaganpvsAThotmailDOTcom, i can share an excel of the data i have

The excel has 2174 Polish Names, airmen who died - which came from Kryzystek's List - https://listakrzystka.pl/en/ or https://listakrzystka.pl/?download=lista-krzystka-pdf

Some work has been done on it - in three categories

1042 have an aircraft serial associated with it
146 have some cause of death.
959 do not have a cause of death.

Now this sheet has to be reconciled with the current CWGC Data that has 1462 (http://www.rafcommands.com/database/wardead/index.php?qname=&qnum=&qdate=&qunit=&qappt=&qforce=Polish+AF&qregion=&qcntry=&qmem=&srname=&serialno=) records (with 13 unaccounted)

That would leave about 712 names that will have to be sorted through and added to the current CWGC Database . Now this 712 records could well be spread throughout the three categories in the excel. So the actual research needed could be on a smaller number...

The data in Krysystek;s list can be used to enrich the current CWGC Data - (service numbers, name corrections etc) so that is a bit of work)..

PS: Thanks for your inputs on other records till date.

Alex Smart
26th August 2020, 12:05
Hello Javan,
Oddly a couple of weeks ago I started to look at the Polish airmen . So far, not counting those lost in France before the Battle of Britain. The earliest Polish airman to loose his life in the UK in WW2 was on the 29 the July, 1940. Hurricane L1714, 6 OTU, Kasimierz OLEWINSKI, P/76753.
In 1940 so far I found only 21. Only one died from from illness, Blood poisoning while in Hospital.

2nd October 2020, 18:48
Iíve noticed that whilst the IBCC entries for aircrew are great, for non aircrew they more often than not contain no details at all . Iíve been through the first 6 months of the war and of 9 such entries to 1940/04/14 Solomon , Rowe , Rule, Douglas , Green , Flynn, Prior and Hall - 8 of them have NO details of loss whatsoever

2nd October 2020, 19:12
Jon, Good call out. Did a query and Thankfully I have only 146 of them present (No Aircraft Id, but an IBCC link). I had used the IBCC provided data to populate this so some may not have had the info. All the records seem to be from 1940 and 1941..

I have cleaned those out - will validate against IBCC and re-enter only those that have additional details.

2nd October 2020, 19:34
Donít want to be an arse but it did strike me ! How can you be so IT savvy ?? I used a pen and paper !

2nd October 2020, 19:39
Oh some I notice DO have causes of death so you donít want to cull any that do !!

2nd October 2020, 20:07
Oh yes, i am validating them manually from bottom of the list - found two hits out of ten.. so a bulk of them will still need to be cleaned up.

23rd October 2020, 17:34
Email, bounces back for some reason
Correcton for you . You have ames hamilton white dying as a pow 1946 -2-1, long after the war was over , he died of cellulite of the face and neck in the 72nd imperial general hospital in penang

23rd October 2020, 17:45

How far are you through your notebooks !


23rd October 2020, 18:17
Not that far ? I think Iíve given our Jagan about 3000 new entries ? But Iíve waded through about 25000 guys n gals to find ones not already accounted for

23rd October 2020, 18:28
Jon got it. not sure about my email but it should work .. sent you at test message. Will take care of this update.

29th October 2020, 23:37

Speaking of errors. The author's name is, Chris Hobson.


30th October 2020, 06:35
If anyone wants to look at whoís still outstanding st Runnymede, Iíll fill in a load of the blanks later today when I get home

30th October 2020, 07:09
Apologies . My dyslexia at play ! Coupled with my discalcula itís a bit of a nightmare sometimes . Names are one of my particular weak areas both in spelling and face to face recollection . Still it comes in handy when you call a girlfriend by the wrong name . I noticed last night Iíd spelt attatched about 900 times instead of attached ! The burdens we live with eh !

7th February 2021, 17:14
Corrected about 264 serials in the CWGC DB that were returning 'unknown type' usually narrowed down to transposed numbers or letters.

These are out of a total of 99,682 records tied to aircraft serials - so 1% rate in bad records.

There are still about 960 entries that do not resolve to identified aircrafts or types..

148 are simply "Unidentified Aircraft".. Others serials not known.
106 Unidentified Spitfire serials
100 records for Hurricanes
87 Beaufighter entries
37 records for Mosquitos
37 Liberator
24 Kittyhawk/Tomahawk
27 Dakota
27 Baltimore

and so on

18th June 2021, 15:25

In the database you have two names against this Hurricane which was destroyed at Shalloch on Minnoch Scotland 13/9/1943, causing the death of 64941 Sanders CR. I have seen the death certificate in respect of this event and Sanders is correct.

The other name against this aircraft in the database is 533561 Mather SM who died 17/10/1943. He should correctly be associated with the loss of Oxford X6742 that crashed at Croydon on the said date.



19th June 2021, 10:56
Hi Dave,
Two Hurricanes were lost on Shalloch on the 13/9/43, KZ674 and KZ398. According to 186sqn ORB, F/Lt Sanders was flying KZ674 and F/O Hicks was flying KZ398. F/Lt Sanders was found on 15/9/43 and Hicks on 16/9/43.

20th June 2021, 13:39
Thanks for catching that Dave. will correct.

21st June 2021, 15:45

The above entry contains data for two other aircraft besides the Spitfire, all listed as R6807.

The Oxford serial should read P6807 and the Hurricane serial V6807.



21st June 2021, 15:53
Thanks dave, couldnot fix the AIR81 entries , but the casualties have been corrected for the appropriate aircraft

23rd June 2021, 19:52

The entry for this aircraft has two crews associated with it. For this a/c I have
Chadwick S
Robinson FJ
Robson FW
Martin N
Stabler E
Vincent K
Aitken DP.

Some of the others I suspect should be attached to the record for LW 319 on 23rd or JB926 on 24th,
I am not able to sort this out myself as I do not have the Chorley books now.



23rd June 2021, 20:08

23rd June 2021, 20:34

23rd June 2021, 20:36


25th July 2021, 11:35
This officer should be associated with the loss of Hurricane Z2347 not Z3247.



4th August 2021, 13:36

Corporal Robert BELL (512107) - I see the database has "Attached to PRU BASU, he died in a road accident in Armentieres."


His unit on his CWGC entry is 902 Balloon Sqn, and he's buried at Seaton Hirst Cemetery in Northumberland. His death was possibly registered at Lewisham?



4th August 2021, 16:19

Corporal Robert BELL (512107) - I see the database has "Attached to PRU BASU, he died in a road accident in Armentieres."


His unit on his CWGC entry is 902 Balloon Sqn, and he's buried at Seaton Hirst Cemetery in Northumberland. His death was possibly registered at Lewisham?



I suspect that youíre right ! Iíll check

16th April 2022, 18:47
Noticed that RKJ Gent is associated with Beaufort N1028 in the database, he was in fact killed in Magister V1028.

I pointed this out earlier but it seems not to have been picked up the database guardian


Andy Marden
18th April 2022, 11:27
These should be correct now:
Thanks for pointing it out.