View Full Version : PHILLIP ARTHUR HEALY (655368) died on 1941-07-10 - Magister I T9706 RAF accident

9th October 2021, 11:49
Hello all,

I'm new to this forum and RAF Commands, but so glad I found you. I was wondering if any of you could help me find out more information about my Grandfather, Leading Aircraftman Philip Arthur Healy 655368 who died in a mid air collision whilst training to be a pilot in the RAF near Meir, Stoke on Trent. He died on 10th July 1941. I see there is an entry here on this thread, that he was training in a Miles Magister and tragically died with two other men that fateful day. On his death certificate it states he was a passenger and died as a result of his injuries. His death certificate also states that there was an RAF investigation and coroners inquest and the verdict of 'accident' was recorded. One man must have survived this dreadful collision as there were two people in each plane and the Pilot Officer instructors were both flying their respective aircrafts. I have made an appointment next week to visit the National Archive Centre at Kew to see this document, but wondered if there would be any other RAF information stored anywhere or information you may have.

I'm so sorry that I am too late to contact Henk, who I can see made such an enormous contribution to this website and forum. I do have copies of his RAF military records where he had only volunteered and joined the RAF on 20th March 1941, having deferred from the TA Royal Engineers in Leicester where he had been for 4 years since leaving school at 16, so he was only 3 months into his training when tragedy struck. But if anyone has any more ideas where I can get more information of him. I only have a school photograph of him but don't know where his military photos would be. Any ideas?. He died before even knowing my my mum was on the way and not being married to my grandmother, life proved very difficult for her, and his death altered the course of life drastically for her and my mum as she decided to have my mother adopted after struggling on her own for over a year. Sadly, they were never to be reunited again, as once we started our search for her, she had died 15 years earlier. I know it was the same for 100's of 1000's of families all over the country and around the world, so heart-breaking!

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Best wishes, Ellie