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23rd January 2022, 12:13
There are only 15 Unaccounted WAAFs, this figure stood at 286 in April 2021.

There is NO record of how these final girls died unless a 7 GRO death certificate is purchased. I recently floated the idea of sponsoring a WAAFs certificate on the Facebook " Women at War " page and I'm please to say that :

Richard Noxa of the Czech Republic

Andy Knock of Wolverhampton

Wil Cox of the Czech Republic

Jon Moore of Bristol and

Eric Brun of California ( all chaps you note )

Have generously sponsored between them, all 15 death certificates to complete the entire WAAF from 1939 to 1947. This is the first time all this information will be collated and available free in one location, and is now, in fact, a more complete record than the RAF itself has

23rd January 2022, 14:18
Great work Jon, and thanks to those generous donors.

Andy Marden
23rd January 2022, 14:42
Good work Jon!

23rd January 2022, 16:53
Jon thanks how long it take to get the death certificate ?

23rd January 2022, 22:38
Around a week Paul

24th January 2022, 04:35
Well done Jon.. everyday you are taking us closer to the finish line inch by inch!

24th January 2022, 16:12
Well done!

31st January 2022, 21:54
Thanks John, I will get these and the other records loaded up tonight - A bit thank you to the sponsors as well!

PS: All records updated and 'moved'