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25th April 2022, 07:33
1) Alexander McAFEE (1017565) 09/01/1947

198 Web Page here says


Sgt McAfee, Service Number 1017565, served with 198 Squadron RAF during the war as a Fitter but following the Squadron's disbandment in September 1945 it was thought he had either returned to civilian life or been posted to another unit or squadron. However, according to the Commonwealth War Grave's Casualty Records he died on 9th January 1947 at the age of thirty five while still in service with the RAF and for some unexplained reason his unit text is given as 198 Sqdn.

His death was registered in Fylde and that is where be buried and that is where his parents lived - so suggest post discharge death

Deaths Mar 1947 (>99%)
McAfee Alexander 35 Fylde 10c 311 Scan available - click to view

Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Sergeant
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Unit Text: 198 Sqdn.
Age: 35
Date of Death: 09/01/1947
Service No: 1017565
Additional information: Son of Andrew and Annie McAfee; husband of Margaret McAfee, of Ansdell.

25th April 2022, 07:39
2) Warrant Officer Harry Benjamin WITTON (48005) RAF 1947-01-10

Death registered Edmonton and he buried locally at Southgate Cemetery and his wife lived in Southgate - His age at death (61) and "early" service
number indicate he was in RAF in WW1 (Civilians 1916) - so maybe post discharge natural causes

Witton Harry B 61 Edmonton 5e 674 Scan available - click to view

25th April 2022, 07:51
3) LEADING AIRCRAFTMAN ALFRED JOHN BAILLIEU Service Number: 1430302 Died 13 January 1947

Died, buried and lived in Birmingham - Married in Birmingham previous year

Suggests at home and maybe post discharge

25th April 2022, 07:57
4) LEADING AIRCRAFTMAN REGINALD WILLIAM FAIRWEATHER Service Number: 1808349 Died 14 January 1947

Died and buried in Lewes where his father was apparently the Station Master

25th April 2022, 08:02
5) Leading Aircraftman Archibald Alfred JEAL (149789) RAF 1947-01-14 United Kingdom Harrow Weald Cemetery

Jeal Archibald A 46 Hendon 5f 19 Scan available - click to view

Death Registered Died (Hendon close to Harrow) , lived (57 Grasmere Gardens) and Buried in Harrow Weald - Wife Lilian Bessie Jeal

25th April 2022, 08:06
JONES A.C.2 Stanley 2283233. R.A.F. (V.R.). 15th January 1947. Age 25. Son of Edward and Maud Jones of Derby husband of Nellie Jones of Derby. Buried Derby

Died Westminster... So not at home or local

25th April 2022, 08:24
7) Aircraftman 1st Class Arthur Edward MALLETT (847248) Died 16 January 1947 aged 50

Royal Air Force (Auxiliary Air Force)

Deaths Mar 1947 (>99%)
Mallett Arthur E 50 Romford 5a 643 Scan available - click to view

Died. lived and Buried in Romford

Possibly Balloon Sqn member ?

29th April 2022, 15:26
Service Number: 532712

Surrey Mirror - Friday 28 February 1947

SOUTH PARK FUNERAL. The funeral Mr. George Arthur Boakes of 37. Stuart-road. South Park. Reigate, whose death occurred February 18th. aged 30. took place on Monday, the internment at Redstone Cemetery being preceded by a service in St. Luke’s Church conducted by Cancn W. P. Godwin. The chief mourners were: Mrs. G. A. Boakes (widow), Mr. Boakes (brother). Mrs. O. Boakes (mother). Mrs B. Allman. Mrs. J. Wilson and Miss A. Boakes (sisters), Mrs. A. Cullum (mother, in-law), Messrs W and T Lewlrgton (brothers-in-law) and Mrs. T. Lewington and Mrs. J. Lucas (sisters-in-law).—The funeral arrangements were carried out Messrs. J. Stoneman and Sons. Limited, of Redhill and Reigate.—(Mrs. G. Boakes wishes to thank the neighbours for the flowers sent; also the staff the County Hospital for their kindness and attention to Mr. Boakes"

29th April 2022, 16:05
I’ll have a check but I suspect most will be post discharge. May not be immediate as I’m deep into working on India !