View Full Version : RAF Serials database- adding info query (Stirling LJ972)

29th June 2022, 10:21
Is there any way (other than quoting the serial number in a thread title) to add/link information about individual aircraft listed on this database? I ask because I've just started to research some individual 624 and 148 Sqdn aircraft and I thought it might be helpful to share any relevant finds e.g. this Stirling IV was on the operational strength of 624 Sqdn on 31/08/1944. I appreciate that mistranscription of serial numbers in squadron records is an ever present risk in this kind of thing, of course; also that letting random amateurs like me loose on the database might not be a good idea...

Cheers, Pat

9th July 2022, 19:04

Apologies for the delayed reply.

But I am working on a system that will allow forum members to 'add' records to without disturbing the current data..

Till that system is live, I suggest submitting offline updates via comma seperated value (CSV) file

An eg of what the system night look like "Events" under this page..


22nd July 2022, 14:37
And apologies for mine! Many thanks, Jagan.

Cheers, Pat