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14th November 2007, 18:20
To Henk,
Where are you?. Come and join us in our new house.
To His Dutch friends;
"Go round to his place and get him to join". We can not afford to lose his VAST database.
His next list of "Unaccounted Airmen" was going to be for 11 Jun 40. Regretfully I will not be able to be of much help for, if there were any prangs in the Peterborough area, I would have been at my 4th birthday party (in wartime!) and my memory is not as good as it was!!
Resmoroh (Peter Davies)

16th November 2007, 05:45
Punt - still haven't seen Henk.

Did he have trouble re-registering over at the old board?

Hans Nauta
16th November 2007, 10:40
Hello Mark & Peter,

Just sent Henk a private mail. Let's await his answer.

Best regards,
Hans Nauta

Hans Nauta
18th November 2007, 17:44
Hello Peter and all others,

Just at the moment Peter sent a PM to me I got a phone call from Jan Hey: Henk is in hospital for hopefully a few days for some, let say, repairments.

Henk hopes to get back as soon as possible!

Best regards,

Hans Nauta

18th November 2007, 17:49
Hi Hans
Thanks for the news . See if you can send him our Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

Rene Romainville
18th November 2007, 17:50
Hello Hans,

Thank you to let us know about our friend.
I do know it is not a "Threat" but

Would you be so kind to tell our friend our best wishes for a fast recovery.

All the best to Henk

Regards from Belgium

18th November 2007, 18:11
Many thanks for the info on Henk. We all hope he recovers very quickly from the attentions of the Docs. Pleae send him MY best regards (and, I am sure, the rest of the Forumites) and our hopes for a speedy recovery.
Ex Dutch Air Force Warrant Officers are a hard lot! I well remember, on the previous Board, Henk reminding members about the the "Thank-you's" that must be passed when a Post is replied to.
In order to keep the emails to a minimum, please keep us all up-to-date with Henk's progress. You might also make his Good Lady Wife aware of our sentiments. I know he was very proud of her - and we also.
Peter Davies

18th November 2007, 18:26

I'd be grateful if you would add my name to the list. Henk has been very kind in helping Peter and myself with our project, and we were very concerned, as I know everyone was, at his apparent disappearance. Wishing you a speedy recovery Henk.


Bill Walker
18th November 2007, 19:32
Please pass my best wishes on to Henk. He has been a big help in the past, and is very much an esssential part of this forum.

18th November 2007, 19:55
Thanks for that Hans, pass on my best to Henk too if you get the chance.

Errol Martyn
18th November 2007, 23:42
"Henk is in hospital for hopefully a few days for some, let say, repairments."

Yes indeed, let's pray for his early return. He still has a lot of work to do!


Hans Nauta
19th November 2007, 05:41
Hello everybody,

I'll send him a best wishes card with all the replier's names of this thread and on behalf of the rest of the community of this forum.

Hans Nauta

19th November 2007, 08:12

Send him my best wishes for a speedy recovery as well



19th November 2007, 11:03
Me too,


Ann Sadler
19th November 2007, 14:09
Please send my best wishes to Henk too.


Ann Sadler

19th November 2007, 17:35

Wens 'm alle sterkte !!


Hans Nauta
19th November 2007, 18:06
Hello all,

I'll put all the names on the card including those which appear during the evening in this thread and send it tomorrow!

Hans Nauta

Luc Vervoort
19th November 2007, 18:25

Ook vanuit België : Alle Beste Wensen voor Henk - Een Spoedig Herstel !


Andy Ingham
19th November 2007, 19:02
Pass on my wishes for a quick recovory.
Andy Ingham

Theo Boiten
19th November 2007, 19:23
Hi Hans,

Put my name on the card for Henk as well!

cheers & thanks, Theo

Martin Gleeson
19th November 2007, 20:19
Hallo all,

I would like to convey my best wishes to Henk also.

Martin Gleeson.

19th November 2007, 21:51
Like all the regular users of this forum I was concerned by Henk's apparent dissappearance, so many thanks to Hans for his involvement.

Please add my best wishes for Henk's rapid recovery to full health.
Tony Broadhurst

Steve Brew
19th November 2007, 22:09
Me, too, please Hans.

Gute Besserung Henk! Hoffe, es dir bald wieder besser geht!


20th November 2007, 10:57
Hi Hans,

if it is not too late please add there also regards from prague!


dave bristol
20th November 2007, 12:35

Again if it is not too late please add my best wishes to Henk and his wife.

David Molyneux

20th November 2007, 13:59
Hi Hans,

Please also include my name, and wish him a speedy recovery on my behalf.

Thank you


Hans Nauta
20th November 2007, 14:33
Dear all,

Just to inform you I've posted a card for Henk with all your names and wishes (Yes, Kevin, your's too - just seconds in time!) and on behalf of all other members of the RAF Commands Board community.

Can't show the card however, no upload possibility enabled (yet).

Thanks for all reactions,

Hans Nauta

20th November 2007, 14:42
Though the card is posted, I still wish Henk a speedy recovery! You're a great asset to us all Henk, Get well soon!

Henk Welting
21st November 2007, 16:46
Hello dear friends,
Received a get-well card from Hans Nauta and mentioned in it all your reactions on the RAF Commands board. He ended with the words :"...and all other members of the RAF Commands Board Community".
This was a real heart-warming message and I thank you all for that, also in name of my wife Carla.
Today I was temp. released from hospital, although strumbling around connected to a catheter. I think they have to sharpen the knives as I'm expected to be back by mid December for the operation (prostate gland/bladder).
Have registered on the new board (congratulations Ross !) but unfortunately entered a wrong first name (Hewnk instead of Henk). I asked Ross how I could correct this.
Will start reading all threads from the last ten days and react.
Oncemore thanks to all; best regards,

21st November 2007, 17:52
It is no use trying to hide by changing your name!!!! We know who you are!!!
Sorry about the attachments (non-email!). Hope the Docs sort you out next month! We will all be rooting for you.
My respects to Carla
Yrs Aye
Peter Davies

Errol Martyn
21st November 2007, 19:42

Good to have you back on board, so to speak.