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21st November 2009, 09:30
Please be a bit more careful in posting full details for siblings of war casualties.

The growth in posting full dates of birth, address, telephone number etc without their express permission places the forum in breach of my UK data protection act registration.

I realise that the information is public domain elsewhere but I am constrained by the act with what can be seen outside the UK via the forum.

By all means post names but keep dates of birth and other personal details to PMs.


27th July 2010, 13:17
Hi Ross,

How guarded should a forum-user be about posting details of relatives or sharing photographs?

I've posted some details of distant relatives here and had a number of requests for photograph's of the person concerned perhaps not surprising. But when I ask if they could just explain why they want the photograph or their purpose the communication stops. Which seems suspicious. Should I be concerned?

Kind regards

27th July 2010, 16:05
Hi OP,

yes I think you should.

I am always asking for the purpose and if the communication stops... As you wrote.

Fair researchers have no problem to tell you the purpose.