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  1. Hi
    Are you Grandson of 'Watty' Watkinson 66sqn
    66sqn led by 'Dizzie' Allen I think
    Flew Spitfires and crashed one in a tree in Sept 1940 just along the road here in East Sussex?
    Could you possibly kindly check your Grandfathers log book for 27/28th Sept 1940
    There is some mystery surrounding the circumstances in which he got this aicraft down, which a local farmer here says was resting in the tree tops
    The suggestion is that if he bailed out on this date that his Spitfire somehow landed in the canopy of Newbridge Wood which is close to where I live in Tunbridge Wells
  2. Hi David
    I'm not sure if you are the same person who was looking for more information on my Grandfather Arthur Basil Watkinson , Spitfire pilot with the RAF 66 Squadron / 42921 .

    Regards Marshall
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