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  1. Dear Errol,

    I have just found you listing of October 10 , 2010

    There is an account of this adventurous escape on pp339-341 of Vol Two of 'Bloody Shambles'. The five pilots (who all took turns at the flying) are named as:

    Plt Off Mendizabal (Canadian)
    Sgt Stuart Munroe (Australian)
    Alan Martin (Australian)
    Doug Jones (New Zealander)
    Ens Frits Pelder (Dutch)

    I am currently researching the life of Alan Martin who was my wife's uncle and wonder if you have a copy of the above mentioned pages from 'Bloody Shambles' that you would share with me. We do have limited knowledge (not much more than is already recorded on various web sites) of the events surrounding this epic flight which i will gladly share if you are interested.

    Any help will be much appreciated,

    Phil Bailey Sydney Australia.
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