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  1. Hello,
    i found this post (below) on archived RAF commands forum ,

    If "wayne" is still searching info on DV308, i can help, we built
    a memorial in remembrance of DV 308 where he crash,

    I can send pictures etc....


    Gerard Werion

    Old post :


    Author: Wayne
    Time Stamp:
    16:28:30 22 February 2007

    Hello,I am looking for help with regards to the crash location of Lancaster DV308 SR-V of 101 Sqn. on the night of 1/2 Jan 1944.
    And if this aicraft was shotdown? then by who?
    As far as i am aware two of the crew survived and were taken prisoners.

  2. Hi gw,

    I didn't remember posting about DV308, so I did a search. The question was posted back in 2007, but I didn't join this forum until 2008, so it must be another Wayne.
    Sorry for the confusion, but it wasn't me.

    Wayne Mellor.
  3. Message for Wayne... Searching info about Lancaster DV308, i see your question about the crash location, i know it exacly, in 2012, we create with the mayor of village a memorial, i can send you all info and pictures about that event ...
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