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  1. The Battle of Britain: The Forgotten Months - November and December, 1940 wrongly states that P/O Tarkowski crash landed on the 8th of Nov

    As mentioned before he baled out at 25000ft ( he always thought it was 29000ft )

    I have a copy of the letter from 605 Squadron to Irving Air Chute Ltd informing them of those that recently baled out ( trying to attatch to this post but can't seem to )

    The letter also names P/O Scott bailing out on the 7th Oct 1940 ( 4000ft ) , P/O Hayter 26th Oct ( 17000ft ) , P/O Parrott 1st Dec (3500ft) , F/O Passy 1st Dec (12000ft) and finally Fl Lt Ingle 1st Dec (12,000)
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