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  1. Hello Rich,
    Have problems with the research of an accident near Wroot, Yorkshire, on 16-3-1945 (Harvards). Please could you e-mail me at
  2. Thanks Rich. In the future will try to have an answer from the RAF Air Historical Branch, although they already in the past told me only to handle requests from next of kin.
    Best regards,
  3. Hello Rich,
    This is Henk from Holland with a question re 17-2-1943

    Spitfire W3839 of 401 Sqn collided in formation with Spitfire BM346.
    BM346 was flown by W/O H.D. MUIRHEAD - RCAF R/79587, crashed Thorston House, 2 mile SSE of Northallerton, Yorkshire. He was killed and lies buried in the Catterick Cemetery.
    W3839 was flown by Sgt (plut. pil.) Leonard GILLIS - PAF 793791, crashed Stubbhouse Farm, Alleron (?). His body is missing.
    How is it possible that a crashlocation on land is known but the pilot missing ? Moor land ?
    Thanks in advance for your answer.
    Rain and thunderstorm on the continent !!
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