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  1. HI Alex. Fred Wilson here. Vernon BC Canada.

    I am inquiring to find out if there is a new location for your website, which I can only find now at

    If not, could I get permission to copoy a few extracts to some threads I have started relating to your information there?
    I have noted other archived websites there that have slowly eroded. Some gone for good now it appears.
    - Most notably and unfortunately an Italian Aeronautica Website which repeatedly referred to 33 Squadron ORBs they had captured during the evacuation from Greece.

    - the existing 33 Sqdn Orbs being rebuilt by memory from surviving ground crew during their short stay in Crete... and 50 of those hero's from 30 and 33 Sqdn were killed when they took up rifles and fought the German Paratroops. Sad story.

    PS: delete the (old) duplicate PM at WW2Talk.
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