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  1. Hi "Motherbird"

    I've been researching Photo Recce activities over the Channel Islands for a number of years and noted your father was a member of 16 Squadron and wondered if his name appears in the list below of pilots from the same unit?

    Baker A.S.
    Bastow G.H.
    Chaplin C.
    Davenport J.R.
    Davies J.J.
    Davis A.N.
    Davis S.H.
    Godfrey E.N.
    Goodale E.M.
    Heath C.
    Heath W.C.
    Kemp A.R.
    Lidgate R.
    Martin E.
    Miles P.O.
    Murphy M.
    Pughe R.F.H. DFC
    Ransley R.A.
    Sampson D.W.
    Sowerbutts J.
    Spring S.B.
    Suttor J.B.
    Metz M.

    If he does, or even if not, I'd be delighted to hear back from you.

    Kindest regards
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