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  1. Dear Charles
    Of course you may use sections of the book for your own on Malmesbury's WW2 fallen. I would be interested to read a final transcript before you go to publication purely as there are so many innaccuracies out there it would be better if they were not perpetuated. One only has to look at the newspaper reports of the opening of Basevi Close to see that. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Best wishes
  2. James - I have now seen the copy of your book in Malmesbury Library. Congratulations on your meticulous research - if only I was so tenacious. Unfortunately as the book is so precious it is held in the store and can only be found by users if they check the catalogue. My first effort for publishing was a limited edition that the Library had a few copies of - regrettably these were so desirable that one went missing so the remainder have suffered the same fate of being locked away.
    I hope you do not mind if I utilise the information you have obtained in my book on Malmesbury & WW2. Publication will not be for a couple of years but I will of course acknowledge your work and draw attention to the book that's hidden away!

    Charles Vernon
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