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  1. Hi Phil
    I found your thrad in a search for F/Lt. Watt from 65. sqn. Thing is a friend and I are trying to find him and his plane. We live in Norway and did a search in Hyllestad/Sogn last week. We got a good few clues and a cpl of eyewitnesses that can confirm the battle done over 'Slettheiene' and 'Skor'.

    The riddle is we can't find anything on F/Lt. Watt. We believe his plane was last seen burning/leaking oil over 'Slettheiene' in a steep dive. He had a plane on his six (propably Walter Opitz in a FW190), but he was never seen (as far as we know by now) later that day.

    Do you have any more details on Watt himself?

    Any intel will be much appriceated!

    O. Mjelde
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