Hello all,
I wonder if our Canadian buffs can help me please.
On 30-1-45 Blue Section of 412 sqn took off from B88,Heesch at 1020hrs on an armed recce of the Munster area in appalling weather. They were forced down to 500ft in snow flurries and over Nijmegen were hit by very accurate flak.
All 4 a/c were shot down.
F/O WJ Walkom in Spitfire IXe, MJ312 was taken POW to Stalag Luft XIII.
FLt FH 'Joe' Richards Spitfire IXe, ML277 was injured but rescued by the Dutch Resistance who help him evade back to the sqn in April.
F/Lt BE 'Mo' Mcpherson Spitfire IXe, PL186 was taken POW to Stalag Luft XIII.
F/O BB McPhee Spitfire IXe, PV352 was taken POW to Stalag Luft XIII.
Does anyone have the Intelligence Report for this operation or its finding please. I have been asked By Dave Boyd who was with 412 sqn during 1945.