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Thread: RAF service men sent to No. 12 EFTS Goderich

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    Default RAF service men sent to No. 12 EFTS Goderich

    Hi everyone,

    Would there be any experts in this specific feild? Im trying to find information on my GrandFather who was sent from Wales, UK to Goderich, Ont to train the mechanics and fix the planes during WW2. Hany help is greatly appreciated

    His name was Robert Steel

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    Default 12 EFTS., Goderich

    I cannot put my self forward as an expert on 12 EFTS, but do have a copy of the microfilm containing the Operations Record Book for the unit and am researching the period the Fleet Air Arm pilots were trained at Goderich (August 1943 to July 1944). I imagine from your inquiry that it is more likely your grandfather was posted there soon after the station opened in October 1940. I would have to add that these records rarely show much evidence of maintenance staff activity and rarely mention Other Ranks by name, unless he is a student pilot involved in an accident. The ORBs will provide some useful background information about the activities and purpose of the unit.

    Brief details:
    12 EFTS opened 14 October 1940 and was operated by the Kitchener-Waterloo Flying Club and the County of Huron Flying Club. The EFTS used a fleet of around 70 of the Canadian-built DH.82C Tiger Moths. The airfield was close to Goderich and to the south-eastern shore of Lake Huron. Many landing approaches were made from over the lake. I think until August 1943 most courses were made up of RCAF students. The FAA graduates from 12 EFTS were posted to No.14 Service Flying Training School at Alymer or to No.31 SFTS at Kingston for advanced training on Harvards.

    I can see you are new to the forum and if you would like to send me a PM I may be able to help you a little further, but please bear in mind the limitations of the available sources. I would hope someone else with a better all-round knowledge of No.12 EFTS may also come forward to help you.

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