Could any of the more enlightened forum members help with me determining if any of these documents would help me in my research. Which if any, would hold information that may relate to a specific aircraft? or would they just be general raid statistics? A friend is willing to return to the N/A to look at any of these that may help me.

AIR14/3766 Hannover July 43 - Apr 45 Interpretation Reports

AIR28/541 & AIR28/544Middleton SG ORBs & MSG Appendices(The normal appendices were not included at thge end of the AIR27/1849ORB microfiche, for June - Dec 43 unlike for other squadrons, or someother dates)

AIR24/259 Intelligence reports

AIR25/129 RCAF 6 group ORBs

AIR25/136 RCAF July- Sept 43 Appendices