Hi all,

Strange story but here goes, an artefact with Akeroyd's details and 30 Sqn's crest on it was recovered from a river in Scotland during the war and since then has been in the possesion of the finders son. He has always wondered who Sgt Akeroyd was and whilst I have been able to fill in the details on Akeroyd there remains a bit of a mystery. The item was dumped over the side of a ship with a load of rubbish whilst a diver was below the ship. He liked what he saw and brought it straight back to the surface.

On the artefact (which I believe is a tankard) there is also engraved 'L.MANCINI' and 'POW'. I have not seen the tankard yet but it was damaged by fire a little while ago so some of the engraving is missing.

Now I know Akeroyd was wounded in January 1941 in Greece. Is it possible he was used to guard Italian POW's when he was evacuated back to North Africa? Was he a POW himself at any point during the war?

Any information welcome.