This has no doubt been hashed before, but I can't find the Thread !
I am checking all the various LG entries under "Meteorological Branch" (a labour of Hercules !).
Prior to a Certain Date those who Enlisted in whatever bit of the RAF were given a Service Number. These have been listed by various experts (with only minor discrepancies between them).
Prior to that Certain Date if they were subsequently Commissioned they got a new, Officers, Service Number.
After that Certain Date those who had Enlisted numbers, and who were subsequently Commissioned, retained their Enlisted number as their Officer's number - i.e. the dual numbering system was done away with. When I was Commissioned into the Reserve in 1972 I was given my old National Service number (which I had ceased to use in 1956 !).
Question:- What was that Certain Date?
TIA for any info
Peter Davies