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Thread: Search unit of Coastal Command four-engined bomber

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    Default Search unit of Coastal Command four-engined bomber

    I am doing some research on a German armed trawler sunk by bomb on April 26th 1944, probably by Coastal Command four-engined bomber, 25 miles west of St-Nazaire (France). Could you please find the unit of the RAF ?
    I thank you in advance for all information you could give me on this subject.

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    Strictly speaking, there is only one candidate that I can identify from Coastal Command intelligence summaries for 26 April 1944,viz:

    26 April 1944, 0055 hours, 46.02 North 03.02 West, Halifax B of No.502 Squadron, F/O Smith. "Aircraft on anti-U-boat patrol obtained a radar contact, homed and sighted four armed trawlers. B dropped flares and the vessels opened fire, out aircraft replied but no hits were observed. B suffered no damage." No claim made.

    If you accept it as night of 26/27 April 1944, the following may be considered:

    27 April 1944, 0235 hours, 46.31 North 04.48 West, Liberator A of No.311 Squadron.

    27 April 1944, 0419 hours, 46.18 North 04.52 West, Liberator A of No.224 Squadron.

    27 April 1944, 0515 hours, 46.54 North 05.07 West, Halifax B of No.502 Squadron.

    27 April 1944, 0517 hours, 46.23 North 04.31 West, Halifax Q of No.502 Squadron

    I can provide more details if you think any of the above cases from 27 April fit your case.
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