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Thread: RAF National Service - 1948 to 1960

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    Default RAF National Service - 1948 to 1960

    Currently artworking on the mac some story boards ready for the forthcoming RAF National Service exhibition at RAF Museum Cosford. Does anyone know where one might find the name of the first national service man who entered the Air Force in 1948?

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    Andy Bird

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    Default National service airmen

    Cannot give you the name but here are the service numbers issued for NSA;

    2340000 to 2359999 Jan 1947 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2360000 to 2360999 2360174 Jan 1947 NSA Recruits Hornchurch Non ATC
    2361000 to 2370999 Jan 1947 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2371000 to 2380999 Jan 1947 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2381000 to 2390999 Jan 1947 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2391000 to 2400999 July 1948 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2401000 to 2420999 Jan 1949 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2421000 to 2465999 Jan 1949 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2466000 to 2499999 Mar 1950 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2500000 to 2549999 2549996 Oct 1950 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2550000 to 2595496 Nov 1951 NSA Recruits Padgate Non ATC
    2595497 to 2599999 Jun 1953 NSA Recruits Cardington Non ATC
    2700000 to 2787999 Aug 1953 NSA Recruits Cardington Non ATC
    3121000 to 3130999 May 1949 Ex ATC Cadets NSA Padgate.
    3131000 to 3140761 Jan 1951 Ex ATC Cadets NSA Padgate.
    3140762 to 3156537 Jun 1953 Ex ATC Cadets NSA Cardington.

    ATC = Air Training Corps


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    Assuming the RAF NSA Number of 2340000 was actually issued then Cranwell should know who he was. Whether they will tell you his name is another matter! If they won't then you might try an FOI request as a "special case". If that fails then you might find something at TNA in the archives of the Ministry of Labour and National Service. It was they who sent the plain brown OHMS letter that called you up, and told you which location to go to for your medical. How they determined which bit of the Services you ended up in I don't know. In my case I was already a Scientific Assistant in Air Ministry. There was a clause in the National Service Act 1948 covering folk (like me and others) who had existing qualifications. At all interviews, medicals, Trade Selections, I waved this reference - else I might have ended up for 2 yrs as an Assistant Bog Wallah. One of the guys on my NS intake had just failed his Finals to be a Doc at Barts Hospital. His Call Up papers arrived in the same delivery as his Failure Notice. They wouldn't even make him a Sick Bay Attendant. He ended up as a cook - I met him in the cookhouse at El Adem 6 months after Square Bashing. I was led to believe that this sort of thing was not an isolated case. I have other instances.
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    Default RAF National Service

    Andrew, are you in touch with Pat Honey of the National Service (RAF) Association? They found the last one to sign on so they must know how to find the first one as well.

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    If it is any help my dad's record book shows he was number 2351491 date of 28 may 1947, I know he went to Padgate, as I have a photo with that on the back, and I remember him telling me he was at Cardington .

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    Hi Not sure if this is of any assistance but I was sent to Padgate in August 1948 to be Kitted Out etc with a Service Number of 2398466. My "Square Bashing" was completed at Wilmslow and then on to Yatesbury to be trained as a Ground Radar Mechanic. Following demob in 1950 I was called back when the Korean War started and posted to RAF Swingate (Dover) radar station.

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