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Thread: Aid for aircraft crashed in 1942

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    Default Aid for aircraft crashed in 1942

    I'am an historiacal aviation research ( for hobby, not for job ) and I live near Lodi ( near Milano ,North West Italy)
    I send you this mail because recently I discovered that in 1942 an airplane crashed near my city:
    These are the only news that I have of this episode:
    -place of crash: "Dosso di Caviaga”. (Dosso di Caviaga is a small town 35 km south of Milano in the Po valley, Italy). Discovered with the help of elderly witnesses.
    -date of crash: May 1942. They told me the witnesses elderly but can not remember the exact day.
    -Local old witnesses say that it was NOT found the body of the pilot.
    -Local old witnesses say that it was a British airplane.
    -Local old witnesses say that “the engine” came loose on impact, so I assume it was a single engine.
    Please, semeone could help me with some other information about this episode?
    Please, someone could help give me a help with any suggestions for the investigation?

    Many thanks

    P.S.: I apologize for my english not very fair

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    Hello Tony,

    Try to contact my good friend in Milano, Achille Rastelli, I am sure he will assist you, a very helpful man for a number of years.

    All the best with your research. dio fortuna.

    'Digger' (My family nickname (seprannome) circa 1926)

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