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Thread: Flak from the sea on 30.4.1942

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    Default Flak from the sea on 30.4.1942

    Hi all,

    I would like to ask for help with a little bit offtopis theme - determine which ship(s) or convoy may take part in following accident:

    On 30.4.1942 Wellingtons of 311 Sq were moving from East Wretham to Aldergrove. I do not know the exact location where they were crossing the sea between Scotland and Ireland but one aircraft (T/O 11.45 L 14.20) reported that there was a fire opened from the sea.

    I suppose it was becasue the Navy was not informed about the non-operational flight or that the crew flew into some kind of restricted area.

    Anyone could help me with the ship or convoy which opened the fire?
    I think it may be for example convoy Hx 186 if it was already in the position between Scotlnad nad Ireland

    Any idea for TNA reference where this accident may be recorded?


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    Pavel, Hi,
    Can't help much. But you have to realise that the British Navy (and, I suspect, many other Navies of the Allies) tended to Open Fire first, and then ask "Is that a/c friendly, or enemy?" second!! I would think that your theory about HX186 is probably correct!
    Peter Davies
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