Bit of a long shot..

Thanks to the kindness of Malcolm Filmore on AB-IX I have been provided with a copy of an article in the August 1938 of Popular Flying

The title was 'Jump with Confidence' and the author was given the pseudonym 'Caterpillar'

A few identification clues were given to his identity.

"Our contributor, who is a member of the "Caterpillar Club" - membership of which is confined to those who have saved their lives by jumping - has been associated with the drop-testing of parachutes at Henlow, and was one of the Virginian pilots in the last RAF Display"

This being Vickers Viginian display in either the June 1937 RAF Display at Hendon or the Empire Air Display at Hendon in June 1938 (it was renamed for 1938).

Going on what he writes he must have been a member of the Parachute Test Flight at RAF Henlow (which used Vickers Virginias) in around 1936, 1937 and 1938, and was involved in the 'comic turn' at Hendon where two Vickers Virginians were attacked by a flight of fighters and the "crew" are seen baling out.

But can anyone suggest who he actually was ???

Many Thanks

Paul McMillan