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Thread: A.P. 1112 Regulations for Trade Testing

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    Default A.P. 1112 Regulations for Trade Testing

    Hi all,

    I would like to ask if anyone has this AP in possession and can help me with some info from it?

    I have seen a RAF Form 167 Result of Local or Central Trade Test Board Examination with the reference to parts I.-VI. of AP1112 and I am interested what was in this parts which were marked for the aiman who was supposed to be upgraded in his trade.


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    Pavel, Hi,
    What you have to remember is that whatever the levels of education, knowledge, and technical skills that were required to progress from a Deputy Under Assistant Whatever to an Under Assistant Whatever was not so much governed by the Rules in AP 1112 - although they were obeyed. It depended, on the day - particularly in WW2, just how many Whatevers "They" needed! If "They" needed a lot of Whatevers then the Rules of AP 1112 might have been 'bent' ever so slightly so that those falling just short of the requirements were included. If - on the other hand - "They" did not need too many Whatevers on that particular day then only those with the highest marks would pass. Those who had passed the standard set down in AP 1112 might be disappointed. This was (and is?) always the way? I'm sure that this was/is the case!
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