By way of an introduction, my name is Peter and I am a member of the Airfield Research Group (ARG). I am currently researching Bombing and Gunnery Ranges in the UK from 1930 to 1960(ish) with a view to publishing a small book on the subject via the ARG.
I have currently identified over 500 locations, the exact location and layout of many still elude me. Frequent visits to TNA and excellent help from the RAF Museum have given me a lot of information.
ORB's are the one area that I haven't covered and this is probably a good source of range information but scattered over the hundreds of ORBs of both stations and units and this would obviously take many months (years?) to cover fully. If anyone has any information they have gleaned from ORBs regarding bombing and gunnery ranges I would be very interested, firstly to confirm exisitng information and secondly to supply new information. They key elements are dates used and by whom but target information and even the name used in the ORB could help clear up incorect names.
I would also try to help with any questions about the subject but as I have only been researching for 18 months I still have a lot to learn.