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Thread: V-2 shot at while boosting by Flt Sgt T "Cupid" Love, 602 Sqdn Spitfire, 1944-45

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    Default V-2 shot at while boosting by Flt Sgt T "Cupid" Love, 602 Sqdn Spitfire, 1944-45

    Flight Sergeant T "Cupid" Love of 602 Squadron, while flying in a flight led by Flight Lieutenant Raymon "Bax" Baxter, attacked a boosting V-2 missile with his cannon while flying a Spitfire.

    1. What was his first name?

    2. What date did this incident occur?

    3. Was he flying a Spitfire IX or a Spitfire XVI when he did this?

    4. Does anyone have a reference to this event from the 602 Squadron ORB or other contemporaneous document? (None of Love's Combat reports are in the on-line AIR 50 holdings at the National Archives at Kew).


    David Isby

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    Raymond Baxter was the first commentator I heard at our local hill climb circuit.

    He was quite scathing about the performance of one competitor and an argument broke out over the open mike.

    Baxter got out of the commentatry box, spoke to the organiser and then took his own road going Jag XK up the hill in a faster time than the competitor! On the return to the bottom of the hill he went back to the box and got on with the job.

    Someone who always practiced what he preached.

    Scroll down to Feb 14th for his description of the incident.

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