I concur with Steve : if some advanced order might help you to negociate with a publisher, don't hesitate to mention it, I'm sure many forumites will put their names forward for copies of awaited volumes 2 et 3. It that could help to have the books on our shelves.

Martin's comment about the Ian Allan is correct as far as I'm concerned. I used to spend some money with the paper catalogue (new books, bargain, 2nd hand) from MCP. Since they took over, I barely order from them, now say 10 % of what I used to spend with MPC, and I also found that they were not honest either : advertising a book at a certain price on the paper catalogue, only to reply that it was out of stock, and the new stock will be at a higher price, which was the one published online. Two different prices for the same book, and none of them available at the lower price obviously. I've not ordered anything from them since then. How are they supposed to make money with such a behavior ?