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Thread: RAF Coastal Command Losses Vol.2 and Vol.3

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    I concur with Steve : if some advanced order might help you to negociate with a publisher, don't hesitate to mention it, I'm sure many forumites will put their names forward for copies of awaited volumes 2 et 3. It that could help to have the books on our shelves.

    Martin's comment about the Ian Allan is correct as far as I'm concerned. I used to spend some money with the paper catalogue (new books, bargain, 2nd hand) from MCP. Since they took over, I barely order from them, now say 10 % of what I used to spend with MPC, and I also found that they were not honest either : advertising a book at a certain price on the paper catalogue, only to reply that it was out of stock, and the new stock will be at a higher price, which was the one published online. Two different prices for the same book, and none of them available at the lower price obviously. I've not ordered anything from them since then. How are they supposed to make money with such a behavior ?


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    Hi Ross,

    I have been as others waiting for a long time for the next volumes of the CC losses, and found these news very depressing.

    I can't understand how a book can be seen as non-profitable if about 90% of the production was sold. It is a book mainly for specialists maybe, but the vol 1 met its public and the following will probably do the same. So I don't see where is the risk for the publisher.

    I wish you the best to be published. I understand you don't want to go to the electronic pulbishing way, but maybe you can use to gather support for your books, through an electronic petition. I will 100% support this.


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    Ross, et al,
    I do not wish to be overly enthusiastic about paper-publishing in the next 5 to 10 years. But, logically, it is going to decrease over the next decade, or so, until it no longer exists. Electronic publication is cheaper than printing words on paper – therefore (3 dots) it WILL happen whether we like it or not! Trying to stop such electronic forms of – for example – Lost Bombers is a total waste of time and effort. It is already there. Are we all to become King Canutes and forbid the tide(s) to come in? Farcical. If it were not so then we would all be still using bows & arrows!!
    It is not that I wish to reduce the Intellectual Rights of various authors, but they have to secure them by other means than exist at the moment – and, possibly, take a reduced financial gain. What they did, when they did it, now no longer applies!
    Henk Welting’s magnificent compendium is unlikely, in my opinion, to ever appear in print, on paper. It should, however, be available in electronic format. Who has, for example, investigated Kindle books?
    Some of us (approaching 70+ yrs) appear to be more tuned in to modern methods than a number of others of lesser years. Get with it. Look reality in the face!
    Peter Davies
    Meteorology is a science; good meteorology is an art!
    We might not know - but we might know who does!

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    My 2 penneth

    I would check with Ross if he is prepared to license/release his original data (with credit) to you to use - I would suggest if you follow the format of your Lost To Service series then any 'look and feel' issues would go away - You can prove that you have been using your look and feel for a number of years with no complaint - and also no one would ever claim you would be doing this for commercial gain!

    Ross' data would need to be re-appraised again n light of new material since publication

    On this web site Alex Smart has been issuing a Coastal Command loses pages - so some raw material is already in public domain -

    All saying I would like the following please Santa Cummings

    1) Inter-War losses book - I have a crude Excel for this already
    2) Coastal Command losses
    3) Far East losses
    4) Middle East Fighter Losses

    Kind Regards


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