Hi All,
I'm going through the two main lists of RAF Enlistment numbers. One is at http://www.ab-ix.co.uk/rfc_raf.pdf, and the other is Wg Cdr Jim Routledge's paper in The Orders & Medals Research Society publication (1992, No 9). There are differences - mostly not large, and fairly easily reconcilable.
One or two blocks caused me to raise my eyebrows.
710061-710999 (last number used 710446), Nov 1941, Rhodesia for Local Enlistments
711000-711999 (last number used 711061), Jun 1941, Rhodesia for South Africans.
Both countries were (then) part of the British Empire. So are we talking about South Africans having to Enlist in Rhodesia because the Brits were a bit wary of the (even then) 'apartheid' in S Africa in WW2, and post-WW2, ruling class "leanings", or is it simply that the non-Officer material was not allowed to Enlist in South Africa.
I do not wish to open any 'apartheid', etc, etc, debate - I simply want to know what the subtle (or not!!) difference was between these two blocks at that time!
Peter Davies