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    Anne's search for the remains of the Liberator in which her father, F/O Thomas Miller, lost his life over Italy during the war, has been well documented on the forum. Those who have been following her story may be interested in this article which appeared in last week's Wiiltshire Gazette & Herald: lost_hero/


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    Default F/O T R Millar RAAF

    Thank you
    This briefly explains the event .I posted it on 18th May [now on page 6 or 7] but only Wimpy [Roger] saw it or commented. It was a friendly, informal, event in a lovely part of Italy, in the mountains .A few short speeches , the Mayor of Neirone busily translating into Italian and into English , a simple buffet meal outside in the grounds and a walk to the 1944 drop zone, higher in the mountain, for those wanting to do so .

    The Gazette reporter has been following my search [Lake Bolsena search in 2006 ] There were a few inaccuracies but the gist of it was correct.


    31 Sqdn SAAF KH158 crew memorial plaque in Italy
    On Sunday 15th May a memorial plaque for the 12th October 1944 missing in action crew of Liberator KH158 of 31 Squadron SAAF was unveiled, in a ceremony high in the Ligurian part of the Apennine mountains,above Neirone, ENE of Genoa, Italy.The Carrara marble plaque is in place on an old "round house" wall in the grounds of a 1944 partisan meeting house, Faggio Rotondo .An exhibition of photos , supply container, airforce jacket etc was placed inside the building.
    This is in the vicinity the 1944 partisan supply drop zone area code "Morris " and near a regular mountain hiking trail .

    The ceremony was attended by my family, also family of the pilot, Maj SS Urry SAAF , British , Australian and South African Embassy officials in Rome and Genoa plus the Italian Ligurian officials ,Member of Parliament, Mayors and a deputy Mayor, from the nearby towns, and local people. The event was covered by the Genoan press.

    All of this was made possible by an Italian friend who suggested the plaque in remembrance of my father, F/O TR Millar RAAF and approached the local deputy Mayor with his suggestion.He and another friend, who was involved in a earlier airforce commemoration, put most of this event together, with input from myself.

    Liberator KH158 is still missing [and is probably underwater somewhere] but I feel that this plaque is a culmination of 10 years of research into my father's wartime life and disappearance .Now more local Italian people and officials know about the loss of the plane and one day someone just might find out information about it's whereabouts .

    The crew were --
    Maj SS Urry -SAAF
    F/O G E Hudspith -RAF
    F/O T R Millar RAAF
    Lt GA Collard -SAAF
    Lt NW Armstrong -SAAF
    2/Lt PJ Lordan -SAAF
    W/O LB Bloch -SAAF
    Sgt RC Fitzgerald -RAF

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