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Thread: help tracing my grandfathers history

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    Default help tracing my grandfathers history

    Guys and girls, ive just been given some stuff by my aunt. Its a RAF service and release book,name of Murray,service number296582 Also, a hand written letter, appears to be an extract from a report, headed, 13 squdron ( actual spelling ! ) aircraft either no , or do , 511. about a fire. It seems my grandpa was a fitter. Also have menus from RAF Cranfield, christmas day, 1944. also same from RAF station Tern Hill, Market Drayton. Year unkown, but very similar printing ! How do I find out more abouit his service record ? I never knew him, he died before I was born. By Family accounts not a great man, but perhaps more to him than meets the eye ! Allegedlly he ran away to join the army air corps when only 14 yo, but was discovered after joining. I know so little about him. would be nice to get some stuff for my son who is Cadet with 1333 grangemouth atc.
    thanks in advance, Scott

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    Your best bet is to obtain a copy of his service records from the RAF. Try here as a starting point:


    In fond memory of Corporal James Oakland AGC (RMP), killed in action in Afghanistan on 22 October 2009. Exemplo Ducemus.

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