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  1. Steve Brew said:

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    I am trying to identify a Sqdn. Ldr. A. E. Robinson who flew a practice Rhubarb with 41 Squadron on 16 November 1942.

    That afternoon, a 40-minute practice Rhubarb was flown against HMS Glendower, a Royal Navy recruit assessment camp at Pwllheli, by a Sqdn. Ldr. A. E. Robinson (EB-Y), Flt. Lt. Hone (EB-Q), Sgt. Benjamin (EB-U) and Sgt. Clark (EB-L).

    There is no mention of Robinson prior to or following this date and there has been no reason given for him flying with the Squadron that day. He was not a member of the unit.

    I have found that 39472 Sqdn. Ldr. Anthony Edward Robinson was killed with 610 Squadron three months later, on 10 February 1943. However, Robinson is not indicated in Rawlings' Fighter Squadrons of the RAF as having been CO of that Squadron, but 610 was, at this time, based in Castletown, only about an hour away by air from 41 Squadron's base at Llanbedr. Could this be the same man? What might this Squadron Leader have been doing on a training flight with 41 Squadron in November 1942?

    Probably a bit of a long shot and guess-work, but does anyone have any suggestions, please?

    41 (F) Squadron RAF at War and Peace, April 1916-March 1946
  2. Errol Martyn said:



    There are three A E Robinsons recorded in the Nov 1941 AFL:

    39472 Robinson, Anthony E, Flt Lt 3.9.40
    44108 Robinson, Albert E, Fg Off (ASD) 15.5.41
    107064 Robinson, A E, Act Plt Off (Tr) 8.7.41

    Clearly, 39472 is indeed your man.

  3. Steve Brew said:


    Thanks Errol

    Much appreciated. Hmmm, now if I can only find out what he was doing in Llanbedr on a 40-minute practice flight with 41 Squadron on 16 November 1942...?

    Does anyone have a career path for 39472 Sqdn. Ldr. Anthony E. Robinson? Was he potentially with 41 Squadron as a Supernumerary prior to his posting to 610 Squadron? Is anyone able to give me an idea of his postings, prior to or immediately following this date, please?

    41 (F) Squadron RAF at War and Peace, April 1916-March 1946
  4. Rene Romainville said:

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    Hello Steve,

    A little look at google mentioned a lot of time that this airfield was used as target towing, it is possible that he flew a gun practice.

    Best regards

  5. sigridleidig said:


    Hello Steve,

    Sqdn. Ldr. Anthony Edward Robinson was my husband's relative by marriage to 'Tony's' wife Joan Patricia Robinson (nee Leigh).

    Tony was a supernumerary with 610 Squadron after coming over from Australia.

    He served with 11 FTS, Shawbury pre-war as P/O (Instructor) (ex R Australian AF). He was commissioned P/O on 19 February 1937. The LG lists him as being on strength of 11 FTS, Shawbury (Shropshire) in October 1938. Promoted F/O 19/11/37 and then F/Lt 03/09.40. Also served with 619, 238 & 66 Squadrons. MPD 10/02/43 aged 28 years. Flew EE767 'DW-E 02/02/43 and BL563 'DW-U' 06/02/43. Shot down by flak/Fw 190s near Caen in Spitfire Vb EE767 'DW-N' on Circus 261 escorting bombers. (This information was provided by Michael Lewis, 610 Squadron Association)

    He flew with Jonny Johnson and we have the transcript of his final sortie and conversation with Jonny after he had been hit. (We would not want to post the transcript here but would be willing to send it to you as a scanned copy.)

    We only have one photograph of Tony on his wedding day and are currently trying to see whether the museum at Hawkinge is able to help us with a service photograph.

    Please feel free to get in touch, my husband would be able to give you more detailed information.
  6. COL BRUGGY said:



    Several years ago, l discussed 39472 Anthony Edward ROBINSON RAF, with Tom Thorne. l have following information:

    Anthony Edward Robinson:

    Born. 28/7/1914 Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
    Enlisted RAAF (Point Cook), 20/1/1936
    Embarked for UK (per RMS Narkunda), 9/1/1937
    Granted Short-Service Commission RAF,(P/O) 19/2/1937
    To 213 Sqn, Church Fenton 4/9/1937
    To CFS, Upavon 8/8/1938
    To 11 FTS, Shawbury ?/10/1938
    Promoted to F/O 19/11/1938
    Posted to Australia on exchange duty, March, 1940

    On 10th February, 1941 (whilst serving on attachment to the RAAF), the now Acting Squadron Leader Robinson, was involved in a mid-air collision between two No. 1 SFTS Wapitis.

    No.1 SFTS (1 ITS Sqn), Point Cook.
    Waipitis A5-21 & A5-39

    Collided 0930 in mid-air 1m E. of Werribee, Victoria, practising instrument flying

    Wapiti A5-21

    2931 Sgt (Pilot/Instructor) Robert John BARKER RAAF - Thrown out of a/c., parachuted safely. Slightly injured
    407341 LAC (Pupil) Robert Henry STRATFORD RAAF - Baled out too low, killed.

    Wapiti A5-39

    39472 S/L (Pilot/Instructor) Anthony Edward ROBINSON RAF - Baled out. Seriously injured - spine and ankle.
    400529 LAC (Pupil) Robert Sydney OSMENT RAAF - Baled out. Uninjured.

    Posted to No.2 Training Group, RAAF, 7/11/1941.
    Posted to No.2 Embarkation Depot for return to UK, 6/9/1942.

    Tom has further details on Robinson's career, including an accident on 13 October, 1938, whilst at 11 FTS, Shawbury, involving Hawker Hart I K4964.

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  7. Steve Brew said:


    Hi Sigrid

    Thank you for your message. My original query, posted six years ago now, related to research into 41 Squadron that was published in 2012 as "Blood, Sweat and Valour". Anthony Robinson is mentioned four times in the book, relating to the Squadron's time in Llanbedr. That was, I'm afraid, the limit of my interest.

    I hope Col's message, above (thanks Col) has added to your knowledge of Robinson's career.

    Kind regards
    41 (F) Squadron RAF at War and Peace, April 1916-March 1946