I am attempting to piece together the service file of Hugh Logan(deceased), my father-in-law, when he served with 413 Squadron during WWII.
Hugh joined the RCAF at the age of 18, approx 1941, he was still in Canada in mid 1942 but was transferred overseas shortly thereafter. He was subsequently transferred to 413 Squadron and served in Ceylon. I have applied to the Canadian Archives for a copy of his service file but it will be several months before that arrives and I am unsure of what it will or will not contain. Jon Stuart has been a tremendous help in narrowing my search, he provided me with the names of the 4 crew of 413 who initially transferred to Ceylon in April 1942. In "Tuskers Tale" by Flying Officer H.A. Halliday of Air Historical Section, it is noted that 4 additional Catalina's and crew arrived in May 1942 flown by S/Ls Scott and Randall. F/L R.J. Furzman and WOD.S. Martin. It appears there were additional crews added to the mix thereafter. Mr. Logan is thought to have been a Navigator of Fight Engineer. He attained the rank of Sgt at some point in his service. He remained with 413 until being transferred back to England near the end of the war. At wars end he was thought to have been stationed in Wales.
I would appreciate any info that would confirm his 413 service, members he flew with, missions flown of particular interest and photos. I have several photos from the internet of 413 in Koggala but none of Hugh Thank You