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Thread: Good Bye Bill Littlejohn

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    Default Good Bye Bill Littlejohn

    I first chnaged messages with him in 1999. Bill Litlejohn was a USAAF Fighter veteran and in the end of 1942 he landed in Lisbon Airport when the cockpit of his P-39 became filled with smoke. He was flying to North Africa but was interned in my country for a couple of weeks. Some decades latter he helped me a lot in my research and in developing my book "Aterrem em Portugal"...

    Latelly I had written him a couple of e-mails but never got a answer.
    Hi wife sent me one e-mail now... He folded his wings on November 28.

    My respects to his family...

    In 2008 he and his son made a small video were he told his story in first hand...


    Bill, thank you for all the help...

    Keep on flying,
    Carlos Guerreiro

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    Thankis for the post Carlos, salute to your old friend.

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