April 7th, 1945 a Vickers Wellington of 69 RAF Squadron with a crew of 6 crashes near Vaassen after being hit by German anti-aircraft guns at Deventer. Five crewmembers are instantly killed. One man is mortualy wounded, drawn from the wreckage by a family living closeby, amongst wich my grandfather. The crew is burried at the General Cemetery at Vaassen. There now rest:

Sergeant W. JE. H. CLARKE Navigator age 21 (7-4-45)
Sergeant G. W. HARPER Airbomber age 21 (7-4-45)
Sergeant G. PEACE Airgunner age 29 (13-7-45)
Sergeant M. A. HUNT Pilot age 20 (7-4-45)
Sergeant F. E. TULLEY Aircraftman age 19 (7-4-45)
Sergeant F. T. HARE Wireless Operator/ Airgunner age 20 (7-4-45)

I managed to trace the relatives of most of the crew in 1995 when i founded a committe to commemorate the airmen fallen (see www.brokenwings.nl). Unfortunately I havent been able to contact the family of sgts Hunt and Tulley. I know sgt Hunts family emigrated to New Zealand.

I would appreciate any informatie available amogst vistors.