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Thread: 311 SQ Wellington KX-F (R1371) Pic??

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    Default 311 SQ Wellington KX-F (R1371) Pic??

    Hallo, I looking for some pictures of the Wellington R1371 KX-F of 311 Czech squadron. Also I looking for pic. of the crew how crashed with this plain on the 20st of July 1941 into the Waddenzee when it was hit by a German nightfighter. The crew:

    Sgt V.Netik KIA
    Sgt M.Jindra KIA
    P/O J.Partyk KIA
    Sgt J.Ctvrtlik KIA
    Sgt V.Vales KIA
    Sgt P.Babacek KIA

    Thanks en Regards, René

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    Hi Rene,

    I would like to point out that 'The Sky is our Ocean' is a great book but with some mistakes...
    The pictures of wreckage is correct but the man on the lift is not Sgt Jindra as it is officer observer...
    There are few photos - including the same alread mentioned - in "Na nebi hrdeho Albionu" by J. Rajlich and "Kridla miri nad Nemecko" by M. Pajer - icluding the portraits of the whole crew. But as I have no copyright for re-publishing them I am not able to provide them.

    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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