Just come into posession of a couple of very interesting pre war photo albums. The service photo's feature 36 Squadron Horsley's between 1933 and possibly 35 at Singapore and Demons from 208 Squadron in the Middle Eastbetween 1935 and 36. It seems from the notes on the back of the images that the compiler of thse two albums was a member of aircrew. Sadly, all I know is that his name was bill and his surname may have begun with the letter E. I suppose the only way to find out for sure would be to see if the same name appears in the ORB's for both Squadrons in the relevant time periods. If anyone can help in this regard it would be most appreciated.

The absolute jewel in the crown are some 20 photographs taken at Singapore of the participants in the MacRobertson Trophy air race of 1934 including a couple of Shuttleworth's own Comet.