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Thread: U-Boat Grid Square Overlay

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    Default U-Boat Grid Square Overlay

    Dear All,
    I think (not certain!) that there are programs which will convert a German U-Boat Grid Square location into a normal lat/lon? For particular dates/times (and consequent A/S patrol data, or Met Recce tracks - both Ours and Theirs!!) this may well be sufficient.
    But for those researching a much wider geographical area, and a much longer time-scale, it can get quite tedious (and time-consuming) to keep translating U-Boat Grid Square(s) into lat/lon.
    Does anybody know of a Google Earth overlay (or, overlays - because the grid squares changed during the course of the War) that will display the U-Boat Grid Squares at a particluar time on to (at least) the Atlantic, and still enable one to plot lat/lons, and tracks, 'under' it?
    I may be asking the impossible. But if you don't ask then you will never get an answer (even if it is only Foxtrot Oscar!!).
    Peter Davies
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