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Thread: RAF operations/attitude Aegean 1944-1945

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    Default RAF operations/attitude Aegean 1944-1945

    Hi guys

    As far as I am aware, the last German aircraft shot down in the Aegean area fell on the night of 6/7 October 1944. Yet, after this date and almost until the end of war, fairly frequent supply flights to Rhodes and Crete were maintained by a variety of aircraft (including Ju90s, Ju290s, FW200s) from KG200 and 14./TG4, these same aircraft evacuating the sick and wounded.

    Since the German garrisons on Rhodes and Crete were practically non-combatant and short of food etc, was there some sort of agreement on the Allies part not to shoot down these aircraft? Perhaps that is rather naive of me to suggest this, but considering the RAF had dozens of radar-equipped night fighters, Beaufighters and Mosquitos, in the area, surely interceptions could have been made.

    Just a thought but comments would be appreciated.

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