The following was found in the service file of Warrant Officer William George Jackson, RCAF, who at the time was on strength of No.426 Squadron. May someone advise me as to the meaning and nature of "I.R.S." in this case ?

In June 1954 a letter was sent from Air Ministry to RCAF Joint Staff, London; an Air Commodore G.D. Randle seems to have been involved. The subject was “Commonwealth Air Force Network - Liaison Visit by I.R.S., R.A.F.” and the text was as follows:

"With reference to the recent visit of I.R.S. to Canada, it is desired to express this Department’s appreciation of the assistance rendered by Royal Canadian Air Force personnel on the occasion of the mishap to Hastings aircraft TG560 at Torbay. Whilst being taxied on Wednesday, 31st March, it was noticed that the aircraft’s tail wheel lock was defective. Local efforts to cure this fault were unavailing and HQ Ottawa at once responded to an appeal for skilled assistance by sending Warrant Officer Jackson who arrived at Torbay at midday on the 4th April. The Warrant Officer’s successful work enabled the aircraft to leave for Ottawa on the 6th April to continue the I.R.S. programme.

"The prompt and generous action by HQ Ottawa in sending Warrant Officer Jackson some 900 miles to give such assistance is, I repeat, greatly appreciated by all connected with the I.R.S. organization."