Hi Guys,

I am trying to obtain any photographs of Wellington bombers W5535 "E" and Z8344 "F" from 405 squadron R.C.A.F. based at Driffield in Yorkshire. I know that its a shot in the dark, but i am writing a book about my great uncle who flew with this squadron until he was shot down and taken prisoner on 18th September 1941.

I understand that the identity of W5535 "E" seems to be somewhat lacking and not many people realise the importance or the significance of this bomber, as it was the first R.C.A.F. bomber to carry nose art during ww2.

I have a few pictures of this aircraft, as well as my great uncles flying log (Which i have to admit is VERY impressive and a very interesting read) but i would be very interested in hearing from anyone who may have information on the early beginnings of 405 squadron, especially regarding W5535 "E" or Z8344 "F".

I know how, where and when both of the aircraft were lost and i have some crew records, but any other information would be very welcome.

thank you!