What caused the death of following airmen ? Some of them may have been killed in air raids as the Luftwaffe this day attacked among other places the aerodromes Biggin Hill, Kenley, Gravesend, Hornchurch and North Weald.

A - Not listed Flight archives:
Sgt (Pilot) Malcolm McLEAN - 742427, buried Glasgow (Eastwood) Cem. (UK7492).

B - Killed on active service:
LAC Sidney ANDREWARTHA - 571091
P/O John O. BATE - 76067, buried New Southgate Cem. (UK3344)
Cadet (Pilot u/t) George W. RYALL - 901751 (probably 2 FTS and involved in an aircraft accident - Akerman Street RLG ??)

C - Died of wounds or injuries received on active service:
AC1 William H. DICKINSON - 1354453
LAC John FLANAGAN - 630917 - 51 Sqn (Dishforth, Yorkshire)
AC1 James WORTHINGTON - 803601 - 603 Sqn (Hornchurch, Essex).

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Harvard I - N7194 - 15 FTS - dived into ground Clanfield, Oxfordshire
Oxford I - N4561 - 2 FTS - accident at Akeman Street RLG, Crowley, Oxfordshire
Oxford I - N6286 - 2 FTS - possibly involved in an unrecorded fatal accident at Akerman Street RLG.

Checking the name of P/O BATE in Flight archives I read on same page where his name was mentioned (Page 438 - 21-11-1940) a story on Sgt (Flying Instructor) SLY awarded the AFM:

"Was carrying out formation flying practice in a twin engined training aircraft with a pupil in another aircraft of the same type. On reaching 900 ft his passenger noticed that the pupil's aircraft was approaching from practically dead astern and was just about to cause a collision. Sgt Sly immediately banked his aircraft to the left, but was unable to prevent the other aircraft coming into collision with his starboard wing and severing it from just byond the engine. By using full left aileron and full starboard engine (his right aileron having dropped off complete with the torn-off wing) Sgt Sly succeeded in regaining control of his aircraft. He flew straight ahead for two miles to find a field to land in. Meanwhile the starboard wing continued to break up. But at last the Sergeant got his damaged aircraft down and landed with the undercarriage retracted".
(Said Flight magazine has a picture of the crashed Oxford).

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