Only one Zero was lost during the attack on Colombo on 5 April 192. Numerous sources identify the pilot as Sachio Higashi, Sea 1c or NAP 1/c, from the carrier Soryu. It is difficult to determine who shot Higashi down, since two of the defending pilots claimed Zeros, namely Flt Lt Robert T.P. Davidson, a Canadian in the RAF, and Flt Sgt T.G. Paxton, RAFVR. In addition, a number of Hurricane pilots were credited with destroying unidentified aircraft. One of these was Sgt Allan J. Browne RAFVR, an Australian, who was credited with one aircraft destroyed. According to Bloody Shambles, Browne’s victim crashed at Horana, and according to the war diary of the Australian 16th Brigade, which had an observation post near Horana, this aircraft was dug up and proved to be a Zero. I’m inclined to say that Higashi was probably shot down by Browne, but this is just an unproven deduction. Would anyone have any additional information?