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Thread: Service records- occupation codes

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    Default Service records- occupation codes

    From an earlier thread it would appear that an ‘Civil. Occupation’ code was included on the service record.
    I have been unable to find out what these codes were. I would be obliged if you could let me know
    1. the code usually in format xxx.xx
    2. the text part i.e. ZH ZM etc-which may be a geographical indicator.
    3. the actual description i.e secretary, solicitors clerk.
    4. the trade the subject ended with i.e. navigator, pilot, gunner etc.
    5. the area the subject was employed in, i.e Leicester, Hull, London (boro) etc
    6. the subjects name(optional)
    I will attempt to index these to assist those interested.

    Contact at prherod’AT’

    Thank you and the moderators for your assistance.
    Paul h.

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    I was born 11/06/1936 in Peterborough. My National Insurance number was (is?) ZR******D. The 'ZR' indicator may be connected with location. This was also on my National Identity Card which went with me when I was conscripted.
    Peter Davies
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